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-Military Records Request-

Request documents such as discharge papers and medical records or duplicate Awards/Medals from the National Archives.


-Healthcare Applications-

Apply for Healthcare using eligibility with income, disability rating or service in country Vietnam. Qualified spouses are able to apply for CHAMPVA. 



Find out what you are able to apply for regarding GI Bill Benefits.


-Vocational Rehabilitation-

Services are available for veterans to help with job training, employment accommodations, resume development and job seeking skills coaching.


-Home Loan-

Seek out the benefits with buying, building, repairing, retaining or adapting a home.


-Business Assistance-

Have direct access to resources that can guide you through entrepreneurship.


-Disability Compensation-

Find out what benefits are available to a service member who is at least 10% disabled. 

We can also assist if you need to file a claim regarding time in service.


-Right to Appeal-

Learn more about the process of appealing a current claim.


-Veterans Insurance-

Eligible veterans can learn more about life insurance coverage with possible discounts
on policies for those who qualify.

-Income Tax Preparation-

Learn more about where you can go to file taxes as a veteran/family member for free.


-Legal Assistance-

IL-AFLAN (Armed Forces Legal Aid Network)

Veterans Consortium (Pro-Bono Legal Assistance)

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